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The owner(s) of the vehicle or their authorized representative holding a Power of Attorney, hereinafter referred to as “Seller”, represents to Buggy Bank that this is a "private party" sale, that the vehicle is registered and insured in the owner’s name(s), and Seller is not acting as a broker generally engaged in the business of buying and selling vehicles for profit.

The sale of this vehicle is regulated by the State of California Vehicle Code, Chapter 8, Sections 12101-12104, Private Party Vehicle Markets.
Accordingly, Seller agrees to adhere to all DMV regulations including providing Buggy Bank with all records required by DMV for Private Party Vehicle Markets.
Thus, Seller must provide to Buggy Bank a copy of the SMOG Certificate and the DMV Vehicle Transfer forms as part of the completion of the sale.

Seller remains in control of the sale of the vehicle and provides direction to Buggy Bank in this contract by specifying “Authorized” services*. Seller represents that the vehicle is safe to drive and fully insured. Seller is responsible for providing Buggy Bank with current documented proof of insurance that covers “other drivers”. This “other drivers” insurance is required for test drives, mechanic's checks, or other purposes authorized by Seller or Buggy Bank or their assigns or designated service organizations under the provisions of this contract.
Buggy Bank does not insure for Seller and will be held free of any direct or consequential liability on or off its premises. Seller understands that while Buggy Bank provides a high degree of physical and procedural security, Seller agrees that Buggy Bank can not be held responsible for the actions of others, and not to ask Buggy Bank to compensate for any damages, insurance deductible amounts, costs not covered by insurance or any other costs.

Buggy Bank or its personnel, contractors or agents, will not be held liable for any direct or consequential liability, financial, physical or otherwise, nor will any services including, but not limited to internet ads, or lack thereof, be the basis for any monetary reimbursements, credits, or contract time extensions. Any monetary reimbursements, credits, or contract time extensions are only to be considered acts of goodwill by Buggy Bank to improve customer relations and will not be construed as an admission of wrongdoing.
Seller hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Buggy Bank, its officers, employees and agents, from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, liabilities, property damage, personal injuries or death in any way related or alleged to be related to Seller's vehicle or this contract.

"I have read and agree to the terms above"
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